Many Canadians are getting by, but they're not getting ahead.

Two thirds of Canadians feel that they either can’t pay their bills – or feel that they have nothing left over at the end of the month after they do. Almost half of all Canadian households report being less than $200 a month away from insolvency at month’s end. Nearly 50% of all Canadians report being overwhelmed by their debts. They’ve stopped saving for retirement and are now just trying to keep their head above water.

Alarmingly, Nova Scotia is the only province in Canada where child poverty is on the rise.

These are concerning statements.

Higher than expected deficit spending and higher taxes is leaving less money in the pockets of Canadians.


The cost of everything is going up.



Canadians need a government that is focused on making life more affordable, and our government is committed to doing just that. Some of our plans to ease the increasing cost of living include:

  • Eliminate the Liberal Carbon Tax

  • Make home heating GST free

  • Make parental leave tax free

  • Maintain the Canada Child Benefit

  • Introduce a "Green Homes Tax Credit" for home renovations ​

We can't tax and spend our way into prosperity. As a result of the elimination of tax credits by the Liberal government, more than 80% of middle-income families are paying $800 more in taxes every year since coming to power.


We must grow our economy and GDP. Unfortunately, GDP growth is in decline which means less tax revenue for services and less job opportunity for Canadians.


Let's promote and champion the use of Canadian natural resources and get them to market, but encourage value-add processes in Canada, and not just the export of raw materials.

Let's improve productivity and job access through better secondary, post-secondary education and skills training so that as our economy and job market continues to evolve, Canadians are able to adapt to changing job markets and are less vulnerable to these changes.

We must grow our economy and get Canadians working in higher income jobs.

Our Party has committed to making life more affordable for Canadians, and as your Member of Parliament, I will hold our Party to account.