The 2019 Election is in full swing and our platform is taking shape. Every day new announcements are being made and I'm pleased with our plan to help Nova Scotians get ahead!

The Conservative plan for Canada is focused on making life more affordable for Canadians.

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Below are a number of our campaign announcements that have been made:

Universal Tax Cut

The average Canadian family will save over $850 per year on their income taxes after a Conservative government reduces the rate of the lowest-income tax bracket with the Universal Tax Cut.

With the Universal Tax Cut, the tax rate on income under $47,630 will be reduced from 15 per cent to 13.75 per cent. This will allow an individual taxpayer to save as much as $440 on their taxes.

This means more money to pay the bills, to save up for your kids’ education or maybe even finally afford a family vacation.

Nova Scotians are among the highest taxed in Canada and this plan will put more money back in our pockets.

$1.5 billion for Health Care Equipment

A new Conservative government will invest $1.5 billion in its first term to purchase MRI machines and CT machines to replace aging equipment and add machines across the country, reducing wait times for potentially life-saving tests for Canadians.

In addition to improving wait times, this investment will also give provincial governments some additional spending flexibility, as the federal government would pick up the bill for replacing out-of-date imaging equipment that the provinces would likely have to replace.

Nova Scotians know it's time for investment into our health care system.

Increase the Age Credit for Seniors


A new Conservative government will increase the Age Credit by $1,000.


Since the Age Credit is income-tested, it will benefit low to middle income seniors. With this measure, an individual aged 65 could receive up to $150 more per year and a couple could receive up to $300 more per year.

This increase will be the third of its kind made by a Conservative government. In 2006, and again in 2009, Canada’s Conservatives increased the Age Tax Credit by $1,000.

Tax-Free Home Heating and Energy

Heating your home in the winter isn’t a luxury for Canadians. It is a necessity.

And with our long, cold winters it can get very expensive, which puts a significant strain on family budgets.


Currently, the federal government doesn’t tax most basic necessities.


A Conservative government, led by Andrew Scheer, will remove the GST from home heating and energy bills, which will save Canadians on average $107 per year.

Tax-Free Maternity Leave Benefits

Having a child is an exciting milestone in any person’s life, but it comes with added costs and pressures.

A new Conservative government would remove federal income tax from EI maternity and EI parental benefits by providing a tax credit of 15 per cent for any income earned under these two programs.

The benefit to a Canadian whose regular salary is $50,000 would be about $4,000.

Our government will make life more affordable for young families by  leaving more money in your pockets.

Cutting Corporate Handouts by $1.5 billion

A new Conservative government would stop the handouts to wealthy executives, shareholders, and foreign companies and instead use that money to make life more affordable for Canadians.

As Prime Minister, Andrew Scheer will conduct a review of all business subsidy programs in order to eliminate $1.5 billion in corporate welfare grants. Programs where the money benefits wealthy shareholders, executives, and foreign companies and/or the money goes to lobbyists and consultants, will be eliminated.


When elected, we will form a government that lives within its means and puts more money in your pockets so you can get ahead.

Four-Point Plan for Home Ownership

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer announced that a new Conservative government would introduce four new measures to make it easier for first-time homebuyers to buy a home.

Canada’s Conservatives know the government has an important role to play to put home ownership within reach for more Canadians.


When you work hard, save, and invest in your future, the government should help you – not stand in your way.

These measures will get more homes on the market to lower the price of housing, making home ownership more affordable

Supporting Canada's Veterans

Our Party announced new measures to help improve the lives of our Canadian Veterans.


I've spoken with many veterans who have shared their stories and I'm pleased that our Party has put forward measures to help.


We have committed to clear the current backlog of Veterans’ benefit applications within 24 months and improve pensions.


To read the full announcement, visit: https://www.conservative.ca/andrew-scheer-promises-more-support-for-canadas-veterans/

Help for Children in Arts

The Children’s Arts and Learning Tax Credit will put more money in parents’ pockets while helping their kids do well in school, learn a new skill, and reach their greatest potential.

The Children’s Arts and Learning Tax Credit will allow parents to claim up to $500 per child for arts-related expenses or other extracurricular educational activities.

For parents of children living with a disability, the maximum age of eligibility will rise from 16 to 18, and parents will be able to claim an additional $500 per child.

Support for Children in Sports

Sports activities can be costly, but are so enriching, educational, and enjoyable.

With the Children’s Fitness Tax Credit, parents can claim up to $1,000 per child, per year for expenses related to fitness or sports activities.

Children’s Fitness Tax Credit will put more money in parents’ pockets while helping their kids lead healthy and active lifestyles.


The next election is about the kind of country Canada will be for you and your family.

Reduce your emissions with Green Home Renovations

Our new tax credit will help you get ahead by saving you up to $3,800 on green home renovations - and more on power bills down the line!

With Andrew Scheer as Prime Minister, Canadians would be eligible to receive a 20% refundable credit on their income tax for green improvements to their homes of over $1,000 and up to $20,000.


Eligible renovations would include installation of high-quality insulation, investments in high-efficiency furnaces, replacement of doors and windows with more efficient models, upgrading of ventilation, heating and cooling systems, installation of solar panels

Create a National Energy Corridor

An Andrew Scheer-led Conservative government will create a National Energy Corridor to carry Canadian energy and resources from coast to coast.


It will generate economic and social benefits for the entire country by moving oil, gas, hydroelectricity, telecommunications, and potentially accommodating other linear infrastructure.


In Canada, about two-thirds of electricity production comes from renewables and about 80 per cent comes from emissions-free sources. Access to clean electricity varies by region, and there is interest in strengthening inter-provincial grids.

Green Public Transit Tax Credit

A Conservative government would introduce the Green Public Transit Tax Credit to reduce the cost of public transit and put more money back in the pockets of Canadians.

By making it more affordable for Canadians to use public transit, we will reduce the number of cars on the road. This will decrease congestion, allowing Canadians to get home faster at the end of the workday. It will also help our environment as more Canadians choose public transit.

The Green Public Transit Tax Credit is a 15 per cent tax credit for the purchase of public transit passes.

National Autism Strategy

A Conservative government will make an initial investment of $50 million over five years to be used to develop a comprehensive autism strategy in consultation with autistic individuals, autism organizations, provincial, territorial, and municipal governments, and indigenous communities.

There's an estimated 1 in 66 Canadians aged 5 to 17 who are diagnosed with autism.

A new Conservative government will work together with autism organizations across Canada, and the greater autism community to address the needs of the autism community so they can live their best life possible.

Support for Canada's Fisheries

To maintain infrastructure and support communities, a new Conservative government will provide $250 million in additional support for small craft harbours.

Andrew Scheer's plan includes ways to promote and support Canada’s fisheries by adopting new strategies and partnerships to strengthen relationships and build consensus on how to restore fish stocks.

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More to come...



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