It is wrong for our government of today to put our future generations in debt without their consent.

Across Canada, fellow Canadians are electing conservative governments that are speaking a language that makes sense to them. There's only so much money and we all know where it comes from - our pockets!


Canadians are growing more aware that every promise of spending by politicians will result in tax increases and they're choosing differently.

As your Conservative candidate for Sackville-Preston-Chezzetcook I will focus on a fiscally conservative approach to public spending.

Analysing Data

Contrary to statements made by our current prime minister, the budget will not "balance itself". Partisan jabs aside, the management of the nation's finances must be carefully, and respectfully considered as the budget can lay the foundation for broad prosperity, or alternatively, can create barriers to prosperity for Canadians.

The state of federal finances can impose incredible uncertainty on the Canadian economy. Deep deficits and mounting debt will most likely mean higher taxes in the future, creating uncertainty for entrepreneurs, businesses, and investors. This can lead to "wait-and-see" attitudes, or worse, the redirection of investments and jobs outside of Canada. This scenario closely reflects what we see in Canada today. 


Every dollar we spend over and above the revenue raised by our government today, is that dollar plus interest taken from the services that our government will need to provide in the future, putting our future generations in a worse off position than we are today. This is wrong.


Notwithstanding declared national emergencies or other rare circumstances, running deficit budgets should be avoided.