It's not the government's job to "create jobs", the government just needs to get out of the way of businesses creating jobs.

Changes in government policy have profound impacts on our economy. The government should be limited in it's interference in the economy and seek regulatory reforms to reduce red tape and allow for Canadian companies to grow and create jobs for all of us.

Let's promote and champion use of Canadian natural resources and get them to market, but encourage value-add processes in Canada, and not just the export of raw materials.

Let's improve productivity and job access through better secondary, post-secondary, and skills training so that as our economy and job market continues to evolve, Canadians are able to adapt to changing job markets and are less vulnerable to these changes.

Let's get Canadians working in higher income jobs.


I've spent the past 15 years working in the private sector across a variety of industry sectors, including telecommunications, oil & gas, and most recently automation engineering.

I have seen first hand how "the economy", particularly the slow down in the oil & gas sector, impacted the livelihood of Canadians as I watched people I know lose their jobs around me. Friends, family members, and colleagues from across the country were out of work.