We need reasonable, achievable environment and climate strategies - that actually address these issues.


Canadians are smart enough to know that we have a responsibility to ourselves, and to each other, to be good stewards of our environment. I  believe, by and large, we all do our best to minimize our impact on the environment and we understand that our very health and well-being depend on a healthy environment.

I maintain the belief that the quality of the environment is to be protected by each generation for the next - after all, I've got two small children (and a third on the way to think about!

I, like many Canadians, believe climate change is real and should be met with some form of action. What that action should be has largely become politicized and polarized, resulting in a dichotomy of "climate change activist" versus "climate change denier".  This is unhelpful.


While Canada as a nation contributes very little to global greenhouse gas emissions (in the range of 1.7-2.0%), this should not be an excuse to not participate in efforts to reduce global emissions and work towards the emission reduction targets of the Paris Agreement, or other subsequent global initiatives.

However, I must be very clear in my position on the Liberal Government's imposition of a Carbon Tax: the Carbon Tax is NOT an environmental policy and will do little, or nothing to reduce Canadians' dependence on fossil fuels and greenhouse gas emissions. ​It is not a plan.

I, and everyday Canadians know this. The tax simply adds to the growing cost of our everyday expenses making life more difficult. Canadians are simply exercising the choices that are available and affordable to them and it is unfair to tax them because of this.


We must do better than taxation.

There is a lot of useful scientific and technical information available, but the missing piece is a strategy that will result in meaningful action against climate change. 


Choice and Innovation. We must become a global leader by improving old and developing new technologies that allow for a transition into future energy and consumer behaviors.