We must invest in our Armed Forces and defend Canadian Sovereignty

I hold the belief that Canada must maintain a strong national defence with a well-equipped, well-armed military to defend the sovereignty of our nation.

It is also our responsibility to defend North America and contribute to collaborative continental defense with our greatest ally, The United States of America, and participate in the promotion of international peace and security.

Our country's national defense must be "modern, balanced, multi-purpose, globally-deployable and combat-capable". 

Military Aircraft

But by all observation - listening to politicians, watching the news media, or reading of committee reports (particularly the Standing Committee on National Defense) - we do not have a Canadian Armed Forces that meets the quoted description. As a nation, we have not been meeting our NATO commitment of 2% of GDP investment in our Armed Forces, and as a result, we find ourselves underfunded with aging fleets in both our Royal Canadian Air Force, and Royal Canadian Navy and capability gaps across our three pillars of defense - Army, Navy, Air Force.

The National Shipbuilding Strategy is a good start, but we have more work to do.

As your Member of Parliament for Sackville-Preston-Chezzetcook, I will work with our Party to increase funding levels of our Canadian Armed Forces, commit to recapitalize and modernize our fleets, and commit to improve the national procurement strategy to ensure our forces can efficiently acquire the equipment and arms necessary to contribute to global security and stability, and to ensure the women and men of the Canadian Armed Forces can fulfill their duties with the tools they need.