Most people looking to enter our country are coming here peacefully and in search of a better life.

Canadians are friendly, welcoming people who have historically accepted newcomers to Canada with tolerance and understanding. That's not to say there haven't been difficult conversations, but by and large Canada has a diverse population with a sense of mutual respect for our differences.

But we should have these conversations and it is not unreasonable for Canadians to expect the immigration and citizenship process to be one that is orderly, and that policies are adhered to with diligence.

Amid more frequent, and increasingly tense immigration policy discussions, it is imperative to have a government that is committed to immigration policy that serves the interest of our nation.


To be successful, and to garner the acceptance of Canadians broadly, an immigration system in Canada must be firm but fair, and adhere to the rule of law. Canada has a right and a responsibility to determine the criteria for immigration, naturalization, and Canadian citizenship. Who can join and under what conditions are among the most fundamental functions of our nation.

With well-developed immigration policy, and well-enforced procedures, immigration is a tool that can lead to mutually beneficial outcomes for both Canada and those wishing to make Canada their home. Clearly defined and enforced policy and procedures will minimize stress and uncertainty for applicants and their families seeking Canadian citizenship.


It is essential to pursue immigration firstly as an economic strategy. Immigration cannot be detrimental to working Canadians (or the immigrants). It must serve an economic need. Newcomers to Canada can find meaningful opportunity and employment that they may not have found in their country of origin. Economic benefits can be realized by way of filling labour shortages in both skilled and unskilled employment, increasing the tax base, and spending money on goods and services.

The Canadian immigration system will always consider humanitarian obligations and show compassion to those who are seeking asylum. Legitimate claimants will be accepted at Canadian borders. That said, asylum cannot be a shortcut to circumvent normal immigration rules and procedures.  

One of the greatest compliments to Canada, and Canadians, is the plain and simple fact that Canada remains one of the most desirable places to which to emigrate, and the integrity and capacity of the Canadian immigration system, while compassionate, shall be considerate of Canadian interests first, and shall follow the rule of law.