I will build on the past Conservative government's legacy of investment in our region.

A lot of good work had been done by the past Conservative government and as your Member of Parliament, I will build on past the Conservative government's legacy of investment in our region. Some of the most notable investments in this region include:


  • 2012 - Halifax Transit Bridge Terminal - an $8.4 million dollar investment in a much needed upgrade to improve accessibility and amenities for residents of Halifax Regional Municipality.

  • 2011 - Longer runway for Halifax airport - a $9 million dollar expansion that would allow the airport to handle larger wide-body aircraft, providing our region with new economic development opportunities and capitalize on the expected growth in cargo traffic.

  • 2009 - Halifax Central Library - an $18.3 million dollar investment into the state-of-the-art, world renowned Halifax Central Library that serves people from all across this region.

  • 2006 - North Preston Water & Sewer Project - a $3 million dollar investment so that more than 350 households in North Preston have improved drinking water and an upgraded wastewater system thanks to funding through the Canada-Nova Scotia Municipal Rural Infrastructure Fund.

  • 2006 - Phase II MetroLink Sackville - a $4.1 million dollar investment in the Lower Sackville Terminal for Halifax Transit's MetroLink provide sustainable transportation options while helping achieve our goals of reducing GHG emissions.

  • 2006 - Halifax Harbour Cleanup Project - a $60 million dollar investment in the $333 million dollar project to clean up of the harbour and in creating a cleaner environment for the residents of HRM and for all those who utilize the harbour for commercial and recreational purposes.


As your Conservative candidate for Sackville-Preston-Chezzetcook, I'm looking to earn your vote. I want you to feel confident that your vote matters and that you are electing someone who has your best interests at heart and mind and that we are committed to getting things done for our riding, and our region.