The challenges we face today are the most difficult and complex in living memory.

And the first step to addressing these challenges is nominating a candidate who will advocate for common sense, practical, achievable goals with a focus on continuous improvement, and not radical change.

We have to be in this together, and truly together - focused on our many common interests, and not on our differences.

I will work with Canadians to solve problems, support each other, and find common ground on the very challenging issues we face today.



A strong set of conservative principles must be the foundation for policy development and the goal of all policy development is to make life better for Canadians. Below you can easily see some of these guiding principles:

  • Maintain the belief in the equality of all Canadians and embrace and respect our differences

  • Uphold the fundamental freedom of the individual, including our Charter of Rights and Freedoms

  • Limit government responsibilities to those which cannot be discharged reasonably by the individual

  • Support the provinces in the delivery of modern, effective, and sustainable health care services

  • Support the provinces in the delivery of modern effective secondary, post-secondary, and skills training

  • Promote and champion use of Canadian natural resources and get them to market

  • Encourage value-add processes in Canada, and not just the export of raw materials

  • Limit government interference in the economy and seek regulatory reforms to reduce red tape

  • Improve productivity and job access through better secondary, post-secondary, and skills training

  • Get Canadians working in higher income jobs

  • A belief that the quality of the environment is to be protected by each generation for the next

  • Balance the need to preserve our environment with the need for economic development and job creation

  • Review current environment regulation and commit to a reasonable, achievable environmental strategy

  • Increase public awareness to the economic benefits of environmental solutions

  • Provide incentives for leaders in environmental solutions including energy, transportation, and manufacturing

  • A belief that Canada maintains a strong national defence and well-equipped, well-armed military to defend sovereignty

  • Canada accepts our responsibilities among the nations of the world, particularly our NATO obligations

  • Commit to providing the best possible services to active members and veterans for their service to our country; and

  • Honour Canadian veterans’ achievements and sacrifices through the promotion of public events and memorials

  • Commit to include active members and veterans in making policy that affects their livelihood and benefits