The primary role of a nation's government is the safety and well-being of its citizens

Sadly, the number of human trafficking cases is on the rise in Nova Scotia, and Canada


Currently, 95% of those being trafficked are women, and more than a quarter of victims are under the age of 18. Indigenous Canadians are disproportionately impacted, representing half of all victims.

All Canadians deserve to feel safe where they live and know that their government takes heinous crimes seriously. I'm very proud of our Party for putting forward a plan to deal with human trafficking.

1. Renew the National Action Plan to Combat Human Trafficking


A Conservative government will renew the National Action Plan to Combat Human Trafficking with robust funding for law enforcement, survivor rehabilitation and public awareness.


2. Strengthen Criminal Code Provisions against Human Trafficking


Under current definition (s.279.04) the Crown must prove that there was an element of fear present in the victim to secure a conviction. This stands in contradiction to the internationally accepted definition in the Palermo Protocol.


This makes convictions very difficult to secure. The majority of charges are stayed or withdrawn as the Crown can’t prove that the victims possessed the level of fear described in s.279.04. 


A Conservative government will amend the human trafficking offence in the Criminal Code to reflect the international definition of human trafficking in the Palermo Protocol which would empower our justice system to secure convictions.


3. Ensure that human traffickers receive consecutive sentences for their crimes


Every girl, boy, woman and man trafficked in Canada deserves justice. When sentencing human traffickers, the trauma that they have endured must be taken into account.


A Conservative government will ensure that human traffickers receive sentences that reflect the gravity of their crimes.


4. End automatic bail for those charged with human trafficking offences


Those who literally sell other people into slavery need to know that the full weight of the Canadian justice system is waiting for them.


A Conservative government will put the safety and well-being of victims ahead of those who traffic them and end automatic bail for those charged with human trafficking.